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5 Useful Filters on Finviz NYSE

Finviz is one of the most popular free stock screeners in the financial and trading community. Thanks to its practicality and user friendliness, the site gives traders and investors quick tools for searching the required stocks on NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTCBB and other exchanges by using up to 55 different parameters.

At first, you need to decide the price range of the stock that you are looking for. In addition, you can chose the traded volume of the security in order to improve your search. All the other search criteria are designated for different trading strategies an in order to use them you should decide what kind of trader you should be and what stocks do you want to trade. In this article, we will describe 5 of the most used filters that will help you to improve your trading performance.

Basic Glossary

Before we start, let’s find out more about the major terms that are often used in finance.

Stock Volume – Shows the number of shares traded during the required period (minute, day, month). For a lot of traders this is one of the most important parameters.

ATR (Average True Range) – Simply, the average range of the stock. It might be just a few cents or a couple of dollars, based on your search criteria.

Exchange – It’s the place where stocks and other financial securities are traded like NYSE or NASDAQ. In the past, these exchanges were a physical place where traders met with each other and made some financial deals, but now, in the technological era, all of those exchanges are online.

Current Volume – Describes the current volume of the stock in this particular moment. Very important filter for daytraders and scalpers.

Average Volume – Calculates average volume of the stock based on the time range that you set.

Volatility – One of the most important parameters in trading. The higher it is, the more chance that the stock will be very active when trading, and vice versa.

Now when we defined the most common parameters of trading, let’s look at how to use them using Finviz filters.

 1. Inplay stocks that are under $20

This filter gives you a number of different stocks that had more than 5% growth over the latest trading session and could be very active during the upcoming trading hours.

Link for this filter is here.

Фильтр для отбора акций Finviz 

2. Stocks that rose more than 30% 

Simply, any stock that costs more than $1 per share and had a growth over 30% during the week.

Link for this filter is here.

Фильтр для отбора акций 2 Финвиз

3. Stocks with the volume more than 200k

While using the previous filters, you still can miss a couple of great trading setups. So we advise you to look at this filter that shows all the major developments than occurred on the market.

Link for this filter is here.

Фильтр отбора акций

4. Special Inplay filter

This one helps you to notice the best stocks that were active and how a couple of catalysts that might influence the price in both sides.

Link for this filter is here.

Фильтр Finviz для торговли на NYSE

5. Inplay filter with the use of ATR

This is the same filter as №4, but it didn’t show the small moves that occurred on the market.

Link for this filter is here.

Фильтр для отбора акций NYSE финвиз