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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Arbitrage Trades?

Arbitrage Trades is a registered proprietary trading company that offers a wide variety of financial services. Our goal is to give the retail traders the opportunity to trade equities by offering the lowest commissions and the best software in the industry.

Who are your partners?

We work with the registered brokerage dealers and SEC clearing houses such as Wedbush and others. Thanks to our exclusive partnership agreements, we managed to get the best trading conditions in the industry and now are offering them to our traders at the best price.

What payment options do you have?

At the moment, we offer only the banking wire transfer via SWIFT system.

Trading Related Questions

What software is required to trade with you?

We offer Laser and Sterling Pro platforms. More about them you can read here.

Why should I choose you instead of the other well-known firms in the industry?

We have one of the best trading conditions in the industry. Due to the low fees and considerably small platform fee, you’ll have the opportunity to trade equities, options and OTC market without overpaying for them, as you would’ve with others.

Will I get a risk manager that would be helping me to setup my account?

Yes. Every client gets its own risk-manager that will be helping to setup the platform, customize it and have an on-going communication with him. You can communicate with the manager via Skype or chat on our website.

Can I open a paper trading account before opening up a real one?

Yes, we do offer a free paper trading account. In order to get it, please send a message to our e-mail: start@arbitragetrades.com or Skype: arbitrage_support

What is the minimum deposit that is required in order to begin trading?

The minimum deposit account in order to start trading with us is $1000.

How do I open the account?

Fill out the form anywhere on the site or ask our manager about it in the chat and we will give you all the necessary information.


Other Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know how to trade. Can I still open up an account?

Yes you can. For people that want to learn how to trade or improve their trading performance, we suggest that they sign up for our courses about stocks, OTC market and/or options. Our experienced coaches will help you to create your own trading strategy, improve your performance and set you on a path to profitability.

Do you hire prop traders?

Yes, we do hire prop trader that are going to trade on our own capital. In order to apply for this job, you need to show us that you have a vast amount of experience in the industry (statement will do it) and have the right skill to succeed at this job. More details about our proprietary trading jobs you can see here: Prop-trading

How do I contact you if I have other questions about your company and services?

We are open to everybody and are happy to answer any other questions that you might have. You can just start a conversation via the chat on our website, write us an e-mail to start@arbitragetrades.com or add us on Skype: arbitrage_support. Our operators will try to answer you as quick as possible. We are hope to see you around.